Our Journey to Europe: A Showcase of Premier Napa Wines

Mario and I embarked on a remarkable journey with the Napa Valley Vintners, aiming to promote the Napa Valley brand and introduce our wines to the European market. This trip included stops in two iconic cities before reaching Düsseldorf, Germany, for ProWein, the largest wine fair in Europe.

An Unforgettable London Experience

Our adventure began in London, where we arrived on a rainy Saturday morning. After settling in and fighting jet lag, we took a stroll along the Thames, marveling at the Tower of London lit up at night. The next day, we explored the city and prepared for Monday’s events.

Pouring our wines at the historic Abbey Road Studios was an unforgettable experience. Walking in the footsteps of musical legends and sharing our wines in such a storied location was a dream come true. We presented our exquisite 2022 Mario Bazán Rosé of Cabernet, which delighted attendees with its refreshing and vibrant notes, offering a perfect introduction to the Bazán Cellars portfolio. In the last decade there has been a marked cultural shift in the way that wine experts appreciate, enjoy and collect Rosés.

On Tuesday, a private trade tasting was hosted at a wine deli near a London market. We presented our acclaimed 2018 Mario Bazán Cabernet Sauvignon and the 2019 RAMA Cabernet Sauvignon. Both wines showcased our commitment to excellence, with rich flavors and a smooth, balanced profile that left a lasting impression on the attendees. We enjoyed a delightful lunch, making connections and discovering mutual acquaintances with people we had just met. It was a beautiful reminder of how small the world truly is.

A Taste of Napa Valley in Zurich

After our time in London, Bazán Cellars continued to Zurich for the A Taste of Napa Valley trade tasting. Surrounded by Zurich’s picturesque backdrop, our wines captivated the hearts of attendees, forging new connections and deepening relationships. The evening was filled with laughter and the clinking of glasses, inspiring us with the power of shared passion and camaraderie. We were there not only as ambassadors to our brand, but also as advocates for Napa Valley. 

What connects people? An online art history class I was taking unexpectedly brought me in touch with a classmate who lived in Zurich. Fate intervened, allowing her to join us for a Napa Valley master class at the Zurich Wine Academy. The session, led by the academy owner and two Napa Valley vintners—including Bazán Cellars—sparked genuine interest in our stories and wines among the international students. We introduced our 2019 Mario Bazán Cabernet Franc, which was a hit among the group due to its smooth tannins and rich, complex flavors.

During the break, Spanish speakers gathered around Mario, sharing their native language and creating a sense of community. This experience was heartwarming, as it demonstrated the universal appeal of our wines and the connections they help foster.


Beautiful Library Wines From Bazan Cellars

ProWein: More Than a Wine Fair

The fair spanned three days, during which we shared a booth with sixteen other Napa Valley Vintners members. This collaborative setting fostered stronger relationships among industry colleagues and enhanced our collective presence at the event.

Throughout the fair, we showcased our portfolio of wines, including our 2022 Mario Bazán Rosé of Cabernet, 2018 Mario Bazán Cabernet Sauvignon, 2019 RAMA Cabernet Sauvignon, and 2019 Mario Bazán Cabernet Franc. Attendees were captivated by the quality and diversity of our wines, each with its own distinct character and story. Our wines stood out for their exceptional craftsmanship, reflecting our dedication to producing high-end wines that tell a story of place and passion.

As the event progressed, my initial feeling of being overwhelmed shifted to one of immense pride. I realized that our wines reached an audience of passionate individuals who value the effort, passion, and uniqueness embodied in every bottle. This realization filled me with a renewed sense of purpose, reaffirming that our wines tell stories that resonate with those who seek something exceptional. I realize Europe is home to some of the best wines in the world, but I am proud to say that our offerings are in par with the best of the best.

Our journey through Europe was a testament to the power of wine in connecting people and cultures. It was a reminder of the profound impact that our work has on others, inspiring us to continue crafting wines that bring joy and foster lasting bonds among those who experience them. We return home with cherished memories, new friendships, and a stronger sense of purpose as we continue our journey with Bazán Cellars. We can’t wait to host friends visiting Napa from various European countries. Our tasting room in downtown Napa is  committed to delivering unique tasting experiences that will leave a lasting memory to wine aficionados from every corner of the world.


Gloria Bazán

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