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Message from MARIO BAZÁN

The Magic of Wine Begins in the Vineyard

Just like me, every vine has a journey and a story. After arriving in Napa, from Oaxaca, Mexico, I fell in love with the valley and never wanted to leave. Spending time in the vineyards as a laborer, I discovered the joy of learning the process. Working with the air, soil, water and weather to grow grapes of extraordinary quality. Over the years I have been blessed to collectively work alongside the people who taught me, to create processes and standards that are in use in today’s vineyards.

I went from working for other wineries to owning and operating my own vineyard management company established in 1996. Now managing over 200 acres of some of Napa’s most prestigious vineyards. I walk the fields and taste the grapes often to ensure everything is working in concert for the perfect grape. It is a joy to see these wineries succeed and the wines gain critical acclaim.

In 2005, my wife Gloria and I started our own wine label. We have a small estate on the valley floor at the base of Atlas Peak. This gives our vineyard a unique growing opportunity. I am enormously proud of the wines we produce at Bazán Cellars. Every wine we create is unique and elegant and speaks to the heart of both Gloria and I. Come, join us with a glass of wine and celebrate the magic of the grapes. 


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